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We offer quality life product with family style service. Say bye to cheap chic.

2008 - Longer Vogue was founded in NTU campus by Long Er Child.

◆ Besides normal categories (shirt, tee, and dress etc.), search by styles (Bohemia, British, and Princess etc.) is also available as a spotlight.
◆ As a young boutique, Longer Vogue focus on school style and sweet girl dresses in the early years. And most of the customers at the moment were students.

2009 - Longer Vogue created membership and moved next to NUS campus.

◆ Positioned as a school students' afforable brand, Longer Vogue always provide good quality with low price.
◆ After attended several NUS bazaar in campus, more and more NUS pretty girls would like to do online shopping with Longer Vogue or meet Long Er in person to touch and feel the clothes.
◆ Although online shops set its bottom line as by postage only and no trying, customers appericate it that Long Er offer meet up and touch and feel.
◆ After a few round of amendment, Longer Vogue finalised its member privilege in current version. Long Er would like to treat all the customers as her sisters and buddies and make Longer Vogue a happy family.
◆ The age groups of customers diversified, from secondary schools to JC until graduates.

2010 - Longer Vogue introduced Men's Fashion and stop charging package fee and postage fee up to certain amount.

◆ This expansion was overwhelming at the moment. As female customers increased, their boyfriends request to have such great products on Men's Fashion as well. And then, cufflinks, ties and youngsters' tees have sprung up in Longer Vogue's online shop.
◆ With effect on June 21, 2010, Longer Vogue stopped charging normal package fee.
◆ With effect on Aug 21, 2010, Longer Vogue offer free registered mail once customers hit SGD 99 (except furnitures) in one receipt.

2011 - Longer Vogue launched Cartoon Factory and "Group Buy".

◆ Anime and cartoons are always memories of childhool. Without worring about the bloody high price in cartoon shops, customers are able to get various anime related products at a reasonable price. And most of the anime products are useful in daily life such as Paul Frank blanket and ipad smart cover, Doraemon pillow case, and One Piece floor mat and bathing clothes, and Rillakuma cushion and various stationeries.
◆ "Group Buy" is totally new format that Longer Vogue is willing to offer members even more competitive prices. It's mainly aimed at ipad and ipad mini casing. As shops need to pay rentle and labor fees, the casings are marked up at 30, 50 or even 70 plus. However, in fact the manufactory values are not that high. Longer Vogue offers 18 for the first piece, and 10 only for the second onwards. In this way, customers really enjoy the "buy more save more" benefit.

2012 - Longer Vogue created "OL code" office lady.

◆ This is considered as a milestone in Longer Vogue history. As Long Er and her sisters are growing up, more office lady designs were brought in.
◆ As Long Er observed, it's quite boring to wear shirts or pants to go office everyday and sometimes you'll find somebody else wears the same shirt. Some of the ladies have no idea what to wear tomorrow until they have to scratch the hair and rush out. Moreover, it's quite easy to become some talent aunties' topic if the juniors don't dress properly. Then an idea pops up! Why not create a series specialised in office lady. It will help juniors position themselve fast and offer some new ideas on daily dress-up.

2013 - Longer Vogue entered furniture and household market and accept pre-order.

◆ This big jump was not planned but yet overwhelming. As Long Er moved to a bigger house (with bigger storage) and designd her own rooms, research on furnitures and household product is a compulsory course. Unlike princess style ladies, Long Er would like to DIY and source. After trying different styles of household products such as European garden style and Mediterranean style, Long Er created a few differet categories and styles (same as lady fashion).
◆ Pre-order is available for members. As funitures and household in-stock products are running fast, Longer Vogue offers pre-order with pre-paid for customers to secure their favorite products.

2014 - Longer Vogue's introduced wedding dresses and accessories and kid's world

◆ This is one of the most exciting year so far. As more and more sisters getting married and having babies, they advise Long Er to import some wedding related product and baby product (with competitive price as well).
◆ Dressing tables and related product have various European Victorian design which easily marked $400+ in local shops. We import directly from factory and mark wholesale price with warranty as well. Installation service is available. Resellers are welcomed.

2015 - Long Er starts to travel around the world and bring travel ideas into LongerVogue.com

◆ Long Er is very happy that more and more buyers talk to Long Er like friends. "so nice have met you", "lucky I found this shop" are probably the most compliments that I've heard. It's always warm to gain recognition from customers.
◆ Long Er starts to reinvigorate the 2 blogs where we used to be. LongerVogue.blogspot.com and LongerVogue.wordpress.com
Getting to know Long Er a little bit more and we may travel together in the future. Like traveling, like photography, like all the brightness and darkness in the life.

2016 - Electronics product has been brought in LongerVogue.com

◆ Buyers may view Electronics items under "Electronics" top menu. Most of the items are designed in UK plug version for Singapore usage. Some power socket extension cord have safety mark.

2017 - US branded bags has been brought in LongerVogue.com

◆ As we all know, the US branded bags selling in US are much cheaper than in other countries. Since Long Er has trusted sisters living in US, LongerVogue.com has the advantage to import branded bags from US. We'll import in bulk to Singapore first and then deliver to our buyers. The price is cheaper than those selling in IMM outlets. Hence, buyers whoever grabbed will save budget for sure as each design has limited stock.

2018 - Australian health product has been brought in LongerVogue.com

◆ Long Er has sister who's permanent resident in Australia. She has discounted AU-post line to ship worldwide. We import branded health and beauty product such as Swisse, Blackmores, Healthy & care, Eaoron, Jurlique and Aesop with local wholesale price and offer group buy price for LongerVogue members. This is for our member privilege.

2019 - Korean skin care products has been brought in LongerVogue.com

◆ Long Er has sisters who're working in airport DFS, airlines and branded product companies. We import Korean skin care products from both dealers and air stewardess. The price is more competitive than those individual daigou purchasers. What we guarantee is 100% authentic products from original production places unlike those products from Hong Kong with unsure manufacturer.

Long Er is open to any ideas to make Longer Vogue this family better and more convenient.

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