◆Terms & Conditions◇

oooO*About Collection & Payment*Oooo
1. Orders will be confirmed with payment only. Orders without payment over 72 hours will be canceled automatically.
2. Buyers shall collect within 1 month after pre-ordered goods arrived, otherwise please choose delivery service. More than 1 month, we will not keep the stock, but will re-order for the buyer upon request.
3. All prices listed here are wholesale prices. Hence, we prefer cash and carry and fund transfer payment methods. Credit card payment is available for total amount S$600 and above with 4% credit card service charge (in case of refund). Group discount is offered if 2 or more items are purchased.
oooO*About Pre-order*Oooo
4. We do not accept urgent orders unless buyers are willing to pay air mail rate (+$8/kg for ordinary goods or +$14/kg for sensitive goods).
5. Pre-order will be confirmed with payment only.
6. Waiting period is normally 4-8 weeks. We will keep our customers updated by message.
7. If you have certain requirement dates to receive the goods, please contact our customer service before making any payment.
oooO*About Delivery*Oooo
8. With effect from Aug 1st, 2015, LongerVogue will use courier service from S$4 only.
9. We will not use SingPost postage service any more due to it's careless handling work and long period of claim process.
10. Self collection timing must follow our staff working schedule, otherwise delivery service will be applied.
oooO*About Exchange*Oooo
11. Sold item is not refundable. Exchange is only allowed on the spot.
12. Exchange is allowed due to serious quality problem within 7 days and all items must be kept in original package.
13. Reasons such as "not fit" "don't like" "change of mind" "misunderstand" "don't know how to install"are not eligible to do exchange or refund because detailed information is written in the website and some instruction manual is provided. As a wholesaler, we never do push sales. Buyers should be responsible for their own decisions and not to create troubles for other people. Please make sure you are clear about size, fabric and the color you order before making any payment.
oooO*About Compensation*Oooo
14. In case of compensation happening, only instock items are allowed to choose.
15. Goods distribution are based on first come first serve, no reservation is allowed.
oooO*About Refund*Oooo
16. Refund will be issued when seller cannot fulfill the requirement due to production line change.
17. Buyers will get full refund only if the payment is done by fund transfer or cash.
18. Buyers order through our shop in other platforms may follow T&Cs from that platform. But please bear in mind that by dealing with third party the efficiency is unpredictable. As a professional wholesaler we always tell our customers the truth "what we can do" and "what we cannot help" rather than giving excuse such as "we'll raise this issue to our management team" then leaving the customers waiting endless.
19. 4% service fee will be deducted by the system (PayPal) if buyers make the payment by credit card. Eg, If you make the payment SGD1000, only $960 will be refund to your credit card regardless of which party unfulfilment.
20. 10% of product value will be converted to voucher if buyers are willing to switch to exchange. Eg, If orginal product costs $100, you will get $110 (10% of product value $100 which is $10 converted to voucher) to choose alternative product.
oooO*About Credit card payment*Oooo
21. All payment done by credit card, buyers need to bring original credit card and NRIC to come down to our warehouse to verify before collecting items or requesting delivery.
22. Failure of proven credit card authority or chargeback scammers will be reported to POLICE.
oooO*About Feedback*Oooo
23. With effect from Jun 1st, 2016, feedback system started to function with after sale service.
24. We encourage buyers to write professional product review which will quality buyers to receive 6 months extension warranty on certain electronics and furnitury product. This will apply to all our platforms including LongerVogue.com, Qoo10, Lazada, Carousell and etc.
25. As a professional wholesaler, we always take service and reputation into account. Buyers are advised to contact us directly if need after sale service. Buyers who gave us malicious evaluation or review will lose all the buyer's rights and privilege immediately. Distributors or resellers who have malicious behaviors might be terminated a contract before expiration.
If you have any further enquiry, please feel free to contact LongerVogue@live.com immediately. Wish you a pleasant shopping trip with Longer Vogue.
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