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WDC010 2pcs openwork carving tip shelf creative wall mount shelf wall hanger preOrder
Size: 37.5 * 23 *13 cm There are 2 different fabrics. PVC is plastic wood which is waterproof..
S$49.00 S$18.00
Ex Tax: S$18.00
WDC011 density board quality openwork tip shelf router stand wall decor wood wall shelf wall hanger
Refer size in image. This board is density wood. PreOrder 4-8 weeks. ..
S$29.90 S$19.00
Ex Tax: S$19.00
Based on 2 reviews.
CHG001★Sweet Home classic hanger / online shop clothes shooting hanger key hanger decor wall shelf★wholesale deal
Size: 47*16*8.4 cm This batch design is the one with double hooks in main picture. ..
S$49.90 S$19.90
Ex Tax: S$19.90
CHG015★Love letter hanger online shop clothes photography hanger key hanger wall shelf★wholesale member deal
Size: 37.5 * 9.5 cm ..
S$29.00 S$16.90
Ex Tax: S$16.90
CHG016★rose carved hanger / online shop clothes shooting hanger★market price 39.9
Size: 50*15*10 cm ..
S$39.90 S$19.90
Ex Tax: S$19.90
CHG021★Sweet Home classic budget hanger online shop clothes photo shooting hanger key hanger wall decoration shelf★wholesale min 2pcs to order. can mix.
This is pvc waterproof board. Search CHG001 if you prefer MDF board. ..
S$0.00 S$9.99
Ex Tax: S$9.99
CHG024 8 packs strong adhesive wall hook heavy duty clothes kitchen bathroom cabinet hanger sticky paste hook wholesale min 2 pcs to order. can mix.
8 packs in mix random design. Easy to install. Peel and paste. Load 10kg. Reusable. Can use..
S$19.00 S$8.00
Ex Tax: S$8.00
CHG026 2 packs 360 degree hook multi-functional bathroom kitchen door paste hanger strong adhesive hooks
Min order 3 items (2 packs considered as 1 item). Can mix with other items. Premium adhesive ho..
S$29.00 S$8.90
Ex Tax: S$8.90
CHG027 20 pcs hangers anti slip clothes deformation wet and dry plastic pants tank top coat multipurpose hanger rack wholesale
1 item = 20pcs. Min 2 items to order. 20 pcs in random colors. Adult hangers. See size in ima..
S$39.00 S$9.90
Ex Tax: S$9.90
CHG030 7 pcs pants hanger trousers scarf clothes space saving magic plastic wardrobe organizer hangers
7 pcs in random colors. Size 33*33cm. Plastic hangers. Space saving idea. ..
S$29.00 S$12.00
Ex Tax: S$12.00
CHG033 magnet clothes dust bag wardrobe organizer clothes protector
This is wholesale price. Min order 5 pcs. Can mix with other items. There are various sizes. XX..
S$19.90 S$3.90
Ex Tax: S$3.90
CHG043 budget transparent clothes dust bag protector
This is wholesale price. Min order 4pcs. Can mix with other items. On sale size is the largest ..
S$19.00 S$2.50
Ex Tax: S$2.50
CLK004 stylish designer luminous clock fashion Quartz simple modern silent chronometer wall big clock
Luminous design on sale. Refer clock size info in images. Elegant wall clock for living room...
S$89.00 S$35.00
Ex Tax: S$35.00
CLK005 stylish peacock glass clock fashion Quartz modern silent chronometer wall big clock pre-order
Vertical gold have ready stock. Vertical design size 43*79cm (W*L) Horizontal design size 82*..
S$119.00 S$49.00
Ex Tax: S$49.00
IAM001 iron wrought designer freestanding mannequin dress decoration with flower pot model preOrder
Height 150-163cm, bust 92cm, hip 110cm, body height 79cm preOrder normally take 4-8 weeks. ..
S$199.00 S$59.00
Ex Tax: S$59.00
IAM002★lady fashion clothes display rank shop iron art mannequin★3-color★pre-order
S$109.00 S$35.00
Ex Tax: S$35.00
MDT001★nautical quant clothes hanger key hanger paddle wall shelf wood wall decoration★design D in-stock★wholesale member deal
4 design n 2 color: A-blue-row, B-cream-lighthouse, C-cream-friendship, D-blue-welcome in-stock d..
S$69.90 S$29.90
Ex Tax: S$29.90
MDT003★fish net bar pub shops wall decoration event party wedding decoration shell net nautical style creative household★pre-order
2*4 meters only have white color. A very special wall decoration for special event or photo album..
S$49.90 S$18.00
Ex Tax: S$18.00
MDT004★sailing boat table deco★market price 39.9 (pre-order)
2 color: blue n white size 24x20 cm ..
S$39.90 S$18.00
Ex Tax: S$18.00
MDT005★free cutting WELCOME board hanger★market price 69.9 (pre-order)
size: 42x17 CM 2 designs: ship and house, seabird and lighthouse in-stock design: seabird and ..
S$69.90 S$26.90
Ex Tax: S$26.90
MDT006★life buoy wall decor★4-size/2-color★market price 69.9 (pre-order)
2 color: blue n red size 15cm [$12], 20cm [$15], 25cm [$18], 30cm [$20], 35cm [$22], 45cm [$27..
S$69.90 S$20.00
Ex Tax: S$20.00
MDT008★lighthouse photo album★wholesale 19.9 (pre-order)
3 design: A-seabird, B-sea star, C-anchor size 20x22 cm ..
S$29.00 S$19.90
Ex Tax: S$19.90
MDT010★life buoy clock wall deco★market price 69.9 (new arrival)
2 color: blue n red size 35 cm in-stock design: red-35 ..
S$69.90 S$26.90
Ex Tax: S$26.90
MDT012◆nautical style wheel rudder photo album◆3-design◆wholesale member price 14.9 only
S$28.00 S$14.90
Ex Tax: S$14.90
MDT016★Mediterranean style big anchor hanger★2-color★market price 99 (pre-order)
size 58.5*41 cm ..
S$99.00 S$49.00
Ex Tax: S$49.00
MDT017★nautical style vintage wooden ship steering wheel rudder hanger★6-color★market price 99 (pre-order)
S$99.00 S$49.00
Ex Tax: S$49.00
MDT018★hand made vintage fish wall decro hanger 1 pair★年年有鱼★market price 49 (pre-order)
S$49.00 S$22.00
Ex Tax: S$22.00
MDT020★vintage wood quant pub stage wall decro★2-color★market price 99 (pre-order)
S$99.00 S$35.00
Ex Tax: S$35.00
MDT023★modern photo albums mix wall decoration set nautical style wall hanger photo organizer love wallpaper sticker★5-design★new arrival
black+white design ready stock package includes 7*5", 5*7", 1*10" total 13 pcs set ..
S$69.00 S$29.00
Ex Tax: S$29.00
Based on 1 reviews.
MDT024★nautical style love wall hanger photo album organizer set with wall clock DIY wall decoration sticker★multi-design★new arrival
S$69.00 S$29.00
Ex Tax: S$29.00
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