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CHG002 20pcs set classic professional thick Sponge 5.0 clothes hanger shop bazaar display fashion hanger
On sale is 5.0 version thick premium quality sponge clothes hangers. Some sponge might be press..
S$29.00 S$15.00
Ex Tax: S$15.00
CHG013★floral clothes hanger 5 pieces set★market price 19.9
Member price 9.9 ​ It'll be random picked as the floral colors are similar. ..
S$19.90 S$9.90
Ex Tax: S$9.90
CHG019 multi-functional fish bone shape 3-tier clothes hanger magic space saving creative household clothes organizer 3 packs
Steel hangers in random colors. ..
S$29.00 S$11.90
Ex Tax: S$11.90
CHG020 pants trousers rack multi-functional 5-tier clothes hanger magic space saving creative household clothes hanger organizer wholesale
Min 3 items to order. Very useful space saving clothes hangers. ..
S$39.00 S$3.90
Ex Tax: S$3.90
CHG022 2-packs shoe scarf hat wave hanger clothes hanger rack organizer min 2pcs to order. can mix.
2 packs includes 1 white and 1 black. ..
S$29.00 S$9.90
Ex Tax: S$9.90
CHG023 enhanced wider larger transparent clothes dust bag organizer wardrobe hanging storage
Get your valuable evening dress or suit a dust free space Large size on sale 50*58*100cm, 50*58..
S$29.00 S$9.90
Ex Tax: S$9.90
IAM001 iron wrought designer freestanding mannequin dress decoration with flower pot model preOrder
Height 150-163cm, bust 92cm, hip 110cm, body height 79cm preOrder normally take 4-8 weeks. ..
S$199.00 S$59.00
Ex Tax: S$59.00
IAM002★lady fashion clothes display rank shop iron art mannequin★3-color★pre-order
S$109.00 S$35.00
Ex Tax: S$35.00
SCV001★multi-way installation DIY clothes storage rack★market price 29.9
Afford 15-20 kg Please take notes that this DIY rack may have different desig..
S$29.90 S$19.90
Ex Tax: S$19.90
SCV005★fashion shops iron art clothes rank/ wedding gown shelf★market price S$299.90 (pre-order)
Available color: white, black, bronze ​can afford up to 50kg Size(all in cm) [wi..
S$299.00 S$109.00
Ex Tax: S$109.00
SCV008 iron simple open closet budget wardrobe storage shoes clothes rank hat organizer shop bazaar display shelf wholesale
There are 2-design on shoe rack part, woven layer and steel layer. The rest are the same. Main fr..
S$49.00 S$19.90
Ex Tax: S$19.90
SCV009 North European style simple modern shop display clothes rack vintage iron art storage customized shelf preOrder
This design can be customized. Pre-defined size is width 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, height 160cm and 17..
S$149.00 S$49.00
Ex Tax: S$49.00
SCV010 leaf and branch iron art hat and clothes stand shop display clothes rack studio hat shelf pre-order
Height 172cm, base diameter 45cm ..
S$129.90 S$58.00
Ex Tax: S$58.00
SCV012 adjustable non-drill hat and clothes stand space saving ceiling rack multipurpose storage vertical stand tower pole open wardrobe closet home organizer 3 wings
add-ons standard (3 wings) addtional 1 wing addional 2 wings addional 3 ..
S$89.00 S$35.00
Ex Tax: S$35.00
SCV013 stylish open concept closet enhanced stainless DIY pole hanger ceiling clothes shelf wardrobe pre-order
S$199.00 S$69.00
Ex Tax: S$69.00
SSV019 colorful 5-drawer storage organizer premium plastic chest of drawers kids toy wardrobe
Macaroon color ready stock Simple DIY. The rest colors can do preorder 4-8 weeks. ..
S$99.00 S$44.00
Ex Tax: S$44.00
SSV022 DIY magic floral printing cubes with doors multipurpose storage shelf wardrobe bookcase organiser preOrder
This is an preOrder item. PO normally takes 4-8 weeks. Buyers may serach LongerVogue in Carouse..
S$199.00 S$33.00
Ex Tax: S$33.00
SSV033★3-in-1 storage clothes hat shelf DIY multi-functional open closet shoe rack bag organizer shelf★wholesale
white ready stock Pre-order 4-6 weeks. ..
S$69.00 S$39.00
Ex Tax: S$39.00
SSV038★non-drill shelf creative washed clothes rack student hostel storage windows holder organizer hanger★min order 2pcs. can mix.
S$29.00 S$9.90
Ex Tax: S$9.90
TBS017★European style wood chest of drawers princess room dressing 5 drawers ready assembled★market price 500+
size 96*40*30cm Ready assembled design. Save your time and labor cost. ..
S$599.00 S$279.00
Ex Tax: S$279.00
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